Our Mission

Spark Individuality

Why be limited to the colors and fabrics available on the rack? We encourage you to be you. Take a risk, get creative with color, have fun with fabric, style and cut. Our options want to speak your language. Go ahead, design the piece that's on your mind!

Redefine Sizing

We are focused on your body and what it needs, not on a standardized number you need to conform to. We offer clothing that fits your body using real numbers - your body's measurements. The result is beautifully tailored clothing that moves with your body and fits seamlessly into your day.

Grow Entrepreneurs and Artisans

We're entrepreneurs collaborating with entrepreneurs and artisans across the globe. Our pieces are handcrafted by independently owned tailor shops in Hội An, Vietnam. In Hội An, the art of tailoring has been passed down for generations. Tailors work from home or local shops amongst friends and family building the community and work life balance Jernē  believes in. Being a loyal customer of our tailor shops allows their businesses to grow as we grow. It's a win-win and a true collaboration amongst independent colleagues.

Stop Fast Fashion

We're tired of poorly made, mass produced, off the rack apparel that is not designed to have multiple wears. It's time to build a more intentional closet, which is where we come in. By sourcing the best materials in all different hues, designing timeless staples and relying on master craftsmanship, we ensure each piece of Jernē clothing is designed to last.

Consider our Planet

27 billion dollars worth of clothing hits landfills each year. Brand clothing is often shred or thrown away to avoid flooding the market with discounted goods. Our made-to-measure approach is sustainable at its core -- no inventory and no waste. Moving forward, Jernē is also focused on partnerships to utilize recycled materials and research the repurposing of clothing waste.